Received some just lovely, kind words from Monique this morning regarding the Party Activity Box she purchased for her daughters 6th birthday party. I wanted to share these with you as they made me feel very proud of our little puppets!

Monique – Mum to Evangelia. Party Activity Box used at Evangelia’s Fairy Extravaganza!

‘After the fairy dust had settled and the presents were unwrapped, I sat down with Evangelia to talk about what she was grateful for on her wonderful day.after much discussion, I finally asked her what was the most exciting part of your day? In a flash, she’s gone! She leaps out of her bed…hurried little footsteps from the kitchen back to her room. She reveals to me what she’s hiding behind her petite frame….her little craft fairy that her and her wonderful grade six  buddy Chiara made together. It is on display in our fridge at the moment!! And will stay there for quite some time.  

I am sooo happy with this activity, you have no idea! It engaged the children, they enjoyed completing them, some independently, some with the help of mums and/or friends. However,  I don’t think they should be limited to special occasions. Hollie prepares the sets so that they can be taken anywhere and everything is organized. You don’t have to add anything! Even mess mats are provided!!!! Absolutely fantastic Hollie. You are a true professional!  I will be sending you more photos too. Just need to get permission from parents ok.

Monique – via email 12/07/2011
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