This is the best bit of making my puppets, when I receive photo’s of the fantastic creations your talented, creative little ones have come up with. 
Thank you to everyone for the latest bunch of pics shared, check them out – they certainly made me smile!

Tara & her gorgeous Santa

Check out that second pic – makes me smile every time – I can just hear her giggling!

Thanks to Mum Melanie for sharing and the lovely words:

“Here are some happy snaps of Tara working on her projects.
Thanks so much for your fantastic product!”

Jack and his fabulous Christmas Puppets

Lovely message from Mum Sam with photo:
“Thanks so much Hollie. Just thought I would share a pic of my son Jack who has had soooooo much fun making your Christmas kits. They are going on our front door!”

Nana Mellie’s clever grandsons

Love this picture – not sure who’s having more fun, the kids or the adults? x
“My grandsons had a whole bunch of fun making the pirate and clown puppets that I purchased from you at Flemington Market.”

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