So it’s Christmas time and everyone is getting very excited here at the ZZ Totz workshop, so we thought we would put together a Special Christmas Pack for all your little creative ones to have some Christmas fun.

Included are 3 make-your-own Paper Puppet Packs – Santa, Mrs Claus & Rudolph.
Each pack contains:
All pieces to create each character
Boy or Girl cutout (only for Santa & Mrs Claus)
Coloured pop stick to create puppet
Their own little PVA glue pot
Instructions – with photo so the kids know where all the pieces go

A mess mat – to keep mum & dad happy

Puppets only take minutes to create with little or no adult supervision, but lead to hours of fun of making up their own Christmas stories and plays.
This special pack is gift wrapped as pictured to stop preying eyes and are ready to be delivered to your house today!

Packs are $15 each + postage

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