Wow what a month August has turned out to be.

Firstly enjoying the celebrations of my little man’s and my birthdays. He is 2 already – i really can’t believe it!

Secondly the very exciting news of the expansion of the ZZ Totz family to include my new business Partner, David Smith!

Dave & I worked together 10 years ago at a forestry company. At a catch up dinner Dave & I discussed all things Totz and the vision and dreams I had of where I could take it, and asked cheekily if he wanted to come along for the ride? Without even taking a breathe he said ‘yes!’

The last few weeks have been amazing and a whole lot of fun. Dave has just as must enthusiasm as I do about getting kids being creative and having fun and so there have been a lot of laughs and hours lost eagerly chatting about where to next!

And lastly – did you notice our new look? My brother Troy (from Hotrod Design) has done a fantastic job with our new branding and I believe expresses the true essence of what ZZ Totz is all about. Loving the fact that my 2 totz are in the new branding also, much theirs and my delight!!

Dave & I are really looking forward to sharing with you all the fun things we are working on, as well as the gorgeous pics sent in by the wonderful ZZ Totz extended family!

Till next time! xoxo

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