The ZZ Totz Story

Yep, kids can still have lots o’fun with some paper, glue and a little imagination.

ZZ Totz was created so kids can create something for themselves that is hands-on and ultimately fun. No bells, no whistles and definitely no batteries!

Hover over the image below to see where it all began……


About Hollie

As someone that grew up in a creative environment, I take it for granted that I can quickly whip up an ‘arty farty’ (as my friends call them) activity for my kids and so the questions started “how can I bring my creativeness to other kids and in what format?”

After many trial and errors, I arrived at our adored characters. Much love has gone into the ‘research’ for our characters whilst reading my kids their bedtime stories, watching cartoons with them or chatting with friends as to what their kids are into.

Much to my kids, Zoe and Zac’s, delight they test run each and every design to make sure it is ‘kid friendly’.
If not, the design is changed, so I can confidently say our kits are appropriate for kids aged 3 and older.

I love what I do and enjoy sharing my puppets with others, whether this is through the website,
over the phone or face to face at a workshop and would love to share them with you too.

Hollie xo

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