Paper Puppet Kits

The puppet kits are a compact, all inclusive kit that can be made anywhere – any time! From glue to mess mat it’s all in there.

Each puppets face is blank so the kids get to make their very own, once off masterpiece and watch their faces light up as their own little character comes to life. Hand out the tickets and put on a show for everyone.


Puppet Show Packs

The Puppet Show Packs are for those that want the adventures to never end. Not only do they get to build their very own puppets, there is a giant (A1 Size) puppet show backdrop to colour in, pop up on the wall and play with.



Custom Made

Let’s design something that is just for you! Whether it’s for a subject you are covering in your classroom, the theme of your holiday program, a unique way of branding and interacting with your customers or for a special event, I would love to work with you to create something that is sure to make the kids eyes sparkle with delight and make it an unforgettable experience.