Kaitlin’s priceless Pirate with Great Gran

‘Kaitlin proudly showing her Great Gran the ZZ Totz pirate she made. Thanks Hollie, these were a fantastic craft activity, the kids had so much fun making their pirates then entertaining us with pirate stories. … Kaitlin has played with this pirate so much that he looks like he may have sailed the seven seas just one too many times!’

Kaitlin what a fantastic looking Pirate! Thanks Carolyn for sharing this gorgeous photo with us – just priceless. Hollie x

Rhymes Festival kids creations

Although the weather was not fantastic the kids that came and made puppets with us at last weekends Rhymes Festival sure were. Thanks to everyone that visited. Check out the great little masterpieces the kids put together:

Aren’t they just gorgeous! If these are your kids and you would like a copy of their photo please email Hollie at havealittlefun@zztotz.com.au

creative kids at Werribee Park Market – Oct 2011

If these are your kids and you would like a copy of their photo please email Hollie at havealittlefun@zztotz.com.au

ZZ Totz review by Veronica and testing by Amy & Isaac

Oh wow, check out this fantastic review received from Veronica of Sleepless Nights.
It actually made me cry I was so proud and just can’t stop watching the video of the kids playing.
Thanks Veronica xx

Royal Melbourne Show – kids creations

To view larger versions of photos – double click

Making Farmers with the kids at The Royal Melbourne Show 2011

What a fantastic day we had today at the Royal Melbourne Show. So much fun was had making Farmers with the kids. Check out all their wonderful masterpieces:
(double click to view larger photo)

If yours is not up here yet don’t worry it will be soon! 

We’re off to the Royal Melbourne Show!

We are so excited to let you all know we will be having a stall at this years Royal Melbourne Show, at Makers Alley, Arts & Crafts Pavilion.
Open daily from 9.30 am through to 8pm there’s plenty of time to let the kids get their fix of all things farm and fairy floss and then wonder around the Arts & Crafts Pavilion having a look at the gorgeous works of art created by so many talented people as well as shopping along Makers Alley with a vast array of hand made delights.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wendouree Primary School Fathers Day Activity

It’s days like today that make me smile from ear to ear. I received these fantastic photo’s from Heather – Art Teacher at Wendouree Primary School of the fantastic masterpieces her clever kids had put together for their Fathers Day activity.

Heather asked us to put together an activity pack so the kids could make up their own dad. We supplied a range of stencils for the kids to trace around and cut out and decorate the boy cutouts to make up their own characters. Stencils included clothing and accessories like hair, glasses, tool boxes etc.

I’m sure you agree they have done a fantastic job! Thanks Heather for the great project – we really enjoyed being part of it.

All things happening in the world of ZZ Totz!

Wow what a month August has turned out to be.

Firstly enjoying the celebrations of my little man’s and my birthdays. He is 2 already – i really can’t believe it!

Secondly the very exciting news of the expansion of the ZZ Totz family to include my new business Partner, David Smith!

Dave & I worked together 10 years ago at a forestry company. At a catch up dinner Dave & I discussed all things Totz and the vision and dreams I had of where I could take it, and asked cheekily if he wanted to come along for the ride? Without even taking a breathe he said ‘yes!’

The last few weeks have been amazing and a whole lot of fun. Dave has just as must enthusiasm as I do about getting kids being creative and having fun and so there have been a lot of laughs and hours lost eagerly chatting about where to next!

And lastly – did you notice our new look? My brother Troy (from Hotrod Design) has done a fantastic job with our new branding and I believe expresses the true essence of what ZZ Totz is all about. Loving the fact that my 2 totz are in the new branding also, much theirs and my delight!!

Dave & I are really looking forward to sharing with you all the fun things we are working on, as well as the gorgeous pics sent in by the wonderful ZZ Totz extended family!

Till next time! xoxo

Being present pays off

It has been a fun filled, very creative week for me – both in the studio (really my converted study) and the playroom with my 2 & 4 year olds.

I truly love what I am doing with ZZ Totz, so much so I tend to easily be distracted by the great projects I have on, or lets face it just checking the email as I happen to walk past my desk. As with most situations there is some give and take. As I give my time to my passion, I take my attention away from my little ones.

I have made the effort this week to be present with my kids & not be distracted by work. To stick to my schedule of what is work time and what is home time, and what a difference this has made. It certainly has been an enjoyable household without the kids screaming, shouting and playing up for my attention. We have had a wonderful time colouring in, making cubby houses, going for a walk and playing in the park. I have even managed to be some what organised getting dinner ready, one of my pet hates.

Sometimes there is just no alternative if a timeline needs to be met, but on other occasions I just need to be strict on myself and say – just not now! That is one of the downsides of being a work at home mum i suppose, the work is always there. Sounds like the washing doesn’t it!

This mind set all came about after listening to a talk made by Meg of Plus One Mums at this years Biggest Morning Tea held by Alli at Motivating Mum. Meg spoke about how dealing with her Dad having cancer changed her outlook on the real things that were important, like family and friends and being in the moment, and more so being present in those moments. These words have stayed with me and something I remind myself of often.

So I wanted to share Meg’s inspirational message – be present in life and enjoy the special moments.

I hope you have had a great week also, and thanks Meg, from me and my kids!
Hollie x