Nothing like the good old fashion fun of a cardboard box

Mr 4’s very own ‘Mack’ truck
What a week! One that I am glad to see the end of to be honest. Tuesday night resulted in a dash to Sunshine Hospital with Miss Zoe hoping it wasn’t appendix pain that was causing her so much agony. As you can imagine many hours later we were sent home without a clear result of what the problem was and just needed to ‘monitor’ her. As her temp hadn’t dropped under 38 for 4 days everyone in the house was becoming very exhausted.
Mr Zac – tied of not having his normal play pal and not really leaving the house
Mum – totally exhausted from being at the beck and call of a 4 year old that was totally miserable
Dad – from doing the night shift panadol doses as only Daddy’s are good enough at this time of night
So by Thursday Zac had totally had enough!!! As 2 year old’s can started throwing lovely tantrums and wanted some stimulation – enter the box. A week earlier I had a new printer delivered that was still yet to be unpacked. After tripping over the box for the 100th time I had my light bulb moment, and so the creating started.
After many additions and modifications (it’s amazing what you can do with a couple of plastic cups, bowls, some straws and clear cellophane) the final product is one that has kept Mr Zac very entertained, for hours I must add, and one I am pretty proud of too!

Once again the point is proven that kids don’t need the latest technology all the time, sometimes some time with mum, an awesome – huge box, and a raid of the party supply box all wrapped up together is all the fun you need!

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