Abi playing with her Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderalla paper puppets

Happy Mothers Day everyone xox

Zoe and Nanny at Kinders Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

Wishing all the Mums out there a very ‘Happy Mothers Day’ for Sunday. Were you spoilt rotten? Was breaky brought to you in bed? How did you spend your day?

I had a gorgeous day which started with 2 little ones jumping on me and throwing presents shouting ‘open it! open it!’ This was followed by pancakes in bed. Then it was off to test out my gorgeous foot spa the kids gave my where I was served hot croissants and hot chocie! The afternoon was spent on the couch watching movies with my kids and my mum. Then it was off to friends for a gorgeous roast dinner. All in all I had a wonderful, relaxing day which was so lovely and so greatly appreciated.

Our celebrations were actually kicked off Friday afternoon with my daughters kinder afternoon tea which I surprised her and invited Nanny along too! She was sooo excited!

I hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations

Hollie x

Mirror Mirror on the wall – who is going to have the most fun of all?

And so the Fairy Princess arrived at the ZZ Totz studio in style upon their royal chariot. Upon descending it was heard in the distance:
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who is going to have the most fun of all?
Certainly a set I have had so much fun creating. Just imagining the huge grins on many lil crafty princesses faces as they create their very own Fairy Princesses makes what some call a job so much fun!
Available as individual paper puppets, party bags – the perfect lolly bag alternative and as a party activity these are sure to put you in the good books with your princess.

Nothing like the good old fashion fun of a cardboard box

Mr 4’s very own ‘Mack’ truck
What a week! One that I am glad to see the end of to be honest. Tuesday night resulted in a dash to Sunshine Hospital with Miss Zoe hoping it wasn’t appendix pain that was causing her so much agony. As you can imagine many hours later we were sent home without a clear result of what the problem was and just needed to ‘monitor’ her. As her temp hadn’t dropped under 38 for 4 days everyone in the house was becoming very exhausted.
Mr Zac – tied of not having his normal play pal and not really leaving the house
Mum – totally exhausted from being at the beck and call of a 4 year old that was totally miserable
Dad – from doing the night shift panadol doses as only Daddy’s are good enough at this time of night
So by Thursday Zac had totally had enough!!! As 2 year old’s can started throwing lovely tantrums and wanted some stimulation – enter the box. A week earlier I had a new printer delivered that was still yet to be unpacked. After tripping over the box for the 100th time I had my light bulb moment, and so the creating started.
After many additions and modifications (it’s amazing what you can do with a couple of plastic cups, bowls, some straws and clear cellophane) the final product is one that has kept Mr Zac very entertained, for hours I must add, and one I am pretty proud of too!

Once again the point is proven that kids don’t need the latest technology all the time, sometimes some time with mum, an awesome – huge box, and a raid of the party supply box all wrapped up together is all the fun you need!

Easter Bunny is ready to hop, hop, hop on over to your place!

With not a spec of chocolate in sight our Easter Bunny Paper Puppets are sure to be the talking point for your little ones this Easter.
Why not indulge them in a fun filled afternoon of sticking and pasting to create their very own Easter Bunny puppet.

Just imagine the stories they will create as they hop, hop around the backyard with something special they made for themselves!
  All ready to hop on over to your place!

email Hollie today at hollie@zztotz.com.au to order yours today

Exciting news! Stockists for ZZ Totz Paper Puppets

WOW! What an exciting start to the new year we have had here at ZZ Totz. It has been non stop since the big jolly fellow left lots of goodies under the tree much to the Totz delight.

One the exciting things happening is that you can now find our Paper Puppet Packs in some absolute gems of retail spots here in Victoria – Curious Grace in Seddon and Kids Style Hub in Hawthorn.

Filled with the most beautiful and unique delights these two stores are a shopping destination not to be missed!

We are also very much looking forward to Once Upon a Story opening their doors in March in Forest Hill where you will find our packs for sale as well as take part in an activity lesson or simply turn up for some creative fun and make a puppet of choice at any time you please.

Check out our new page listing these stockists for their details and opening hours.

If you are lucky enough to be able to head over and check them out be sure to tell them ZZ Totz sent you for the extra special treatment! 

Hello world!

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Wishing everyone a very 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy the celebrations with family and friends, creating memories filled with love and laughter.

It has been a great journey through out 2011, meeting lots of great people and sharing many fantastic creations from some very clever kids.

I can’t wait to share in the fun of 2012.

Love Hollie x

Sharing time!

This is the best bit of making my puppets, when I receive photo’s of the fantastic creations your talented, creative little ones have come up with. 
Thank you to everyone for the latest bunch of pics shared, check them out – they certainly made me smile!

Tara & her gorgeous Santa

Check out that second pic – makes me smile every time – I can just hear her giggling!

Thanks to Mum Melanie for sharing and the lovely words:

“Here are some happy snaps of Tara working on her projects.
Thanks so much for your fantastic product!”

Jack and his fabulous Christmas Puppets

Lovely message from Mum Sam with photo:
“Thanks so much Hollie. Just thought I would share a pic of my son Jack who has had soooooo much fun making your Christmas kits. They are going on our front door!”

Nana Mellie’s clever grandsons

Love this picture – not sure who’s having more fun, the kids or the adults? x
“My grandsons had a whole bunch of fun making the pirate and clown puppets that I purchased from you at Flemington Market.”

It’s Christmas time!

So it’s Christmas time and everyone is getting very excited here at the ZZ Totz workshop, so we thought we would put together a Special Christmas Pack for all your little creative ones to have some Christmas fun.

Included are 3 make-your-own Paper Puppet Packs – Santa, Mrs Claus & Rudolph.
Each pack contains:
All pieces to create each character
Boy or Girl cutout (only for Santa & Mrs Claus)
Coloured pop stick to create puppet
Their own little PVA glue pot
Instructions – with photo so the kids know where all the pieces go

A mess mat – to keep mum & dad happy

Puppets only take minutes to create with little or no adult supervision, but lead to hours of fun of making up their own Christmas stories and plays.
This special pack is gift wrapped as pictured to stop preying eyes and are ready to be delivered to your house today!

Packs are $15 each + postage